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About Us

"People-oriented" is the foundation of Yizhong's survival and development. The focus is "people-oriented, talent-oriented". Adhere to the talent strategy, insist on understanding people, respecting people, caring about people, loving people, cultivating people, uniting people, building a harmonious enterprise, and realizing the common development of people and enterprises.

"Customer first" means always putting the needs of customers first. The key point is "user-centric". Always consider who my users are, what they need me to do, what I have done for them, and what else I can do for them, so as to build Yizhong into a processing plant that satisfies users.

Prospering the enterprise with quality is to firmly establish the concept that quality is the life of an enterprise, and make it clear that quality is the decisive factor for the survival and development of an enterprise. The focus is to "take the road of high-quality, high-value-added, and high-efficiency boutique products." Adhere to the quality brand strategy, and strive to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness with quality as the core.

Opening up in an all-round way is to break all closed and rigid conditions and realize all-round opening up both internally and externally. The key point is to "absorb and learn from all advanced achievements and improve the overall quality of Yizhong". Adhere to benchmarking and tapping potential, participate in international competition and cooperation at a higher level and on a larger scale, and achieve refinement, informationization, and internationalization.

Continuous innovation means advancing with the times and renovating all concepts, systems and methods that are not suitable for market economy and international competition. The key point is to "improve the organization's learning ability and constantly surpass itself". Adhere to the scientific outlook on development, take a new road to industrialization, and continuously improve the ability of concept innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, and product innovation.