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Large bending processing

Large bending processing

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1. First, turn on the power of the bending machine, insert the key on the control panel to start the bending machine

2. Programming. The use of the bending machine must pay attention to the programming. In the operating mode, it must be simulated at least twice to check whether the program of the bending machine is correct before the bending work can be performed. .Programming also has electric quick adjustment and manual adjustment.

3. For the selection of the bending notch, select a suitable mold according to the material and shape of the workpiece to be processed. Generally, a notch mold with a width 8 times thicker than the plate is selected. If bending a 4mm plate, you need to choose a notch mold of about 32.

4. The adjustment of the positioning block includes electric adjustment and manual fine-tuning. The material should be placed flat on the lower die, and one side of the material should lean against the positioning block stably.

5. Step on the foot switch, the upper knife mold will drop (or the lower knife mold will rise), you can release it at any time, and the knife mold will stop when you release the foot, and continue to move when stepping on the knife mold, and the knife mold will drop (or rise) to The location where the lower (or upper) die will be contacted.

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